review by: Morris Ramos

Rizk Casino Review – More Than One Hundred Promotions for Gamblers

If you like gambling you should like the Rizk casino as well – that is what I have understood during the hours of studying this outstanding online gambling facility. Unlike the other casinos this one is a real breakthrough and when you gamble here you like freel a real flashback to the times when casinos were worth attending.

Here you can easily navigate along the website and in case you have any issues immediately contact the support via the online chat even if you did not login yet. The only disadvantage of this casino is that you cannot download and instal app on your mobile phone so that you could reach it any time you want, however, there are many other valuable features that compensate this cons and we will tell you about them below.

Rizk Insider

Rizk Insider is the same thing as the promotions section for all other casinos. Actually, the moment you enter the Rizk Insider page you are going to be surprised by the number of promo codes available in Rizk and it would take hours to describe or even list all of them as there are more than 100 on that page.

Most of those are about the special events that are held in the casino and some of those are the deposit bonuses which you can claim upon registration in the casino. Anyway, there is a giant choice of various promotions you can choose and this is brilliant as usually when you enter the online casino the number of bonus codes available doesn’t exceed 10 which is really not enough when you compare it with the opportunities provided by the Rizk casino.

All of those promo codes are about to improve your gambling experience dramatically and in this section we are going to describe the most notable of them and if you want to browse the full list and get acquainted with the terms and conditions of all the offers you can easily enter the online casino Rizk Insider page and do that. In order to see the all of promos available you do not really need to create an account in service so just head to the and look whatever you want there.

Thus, due to the amount of the promotions that are or were launched in the casino we are going to describe only the best ones that we think would be the most valuable for the new and dedicated gamblers with different tastes.

We are going to review the welcome bonuses that are available both for the online casio players and those who prefer gambling in live casino – you won’t find no deposit bonuses here, however, you are going to find much more further. Really, we can’t say that when it comes to the welcome bonuses the Rizk casino is very generous, however, it becomes more and more generous when it comes to the day-to-day offers and other features which we are going to disclose below.

We are also going to review the most giving tournaments and events with the outstanding prize pools of more than 5 000 and 10 000 Euros and that is more than you could ever count for when you get involved with the some kind of the casino. Here it is rather easy to qualify into the competition – you do not really need to have some kind of a VIP status to take part in like in the majority of the other online casinos.

You will also find out here about the offers the casino has concerning the cashbacks and special offers for the live casino players – -all this and many more you can find in our review of the most notable and valuable promotions provided here – most of these promo codes were activated by me personally so you are going to get a full information from the user of this casino.

In case you have any issues with the bonuses in the casino you can login to your account and contact support via the online chat. This option is eligible both for those who use the mobile device like Android or iOS (who also can use the contact number easily as well), and for those who use a PC in UK or any country of the world.

Live Casino Welcome Bonus

The live casino gambling is something different from the classic online gambling as it is more alike the experience you get from playing in the land facility as here you are served by the live dealers not by the algorithms and software, thus it can be much more interesting for the true enthusiasts of gambling to choose the live casino games instead of those provided by the online casinos.

That is why the Rizk Casino either provides an opportunity to play using the live casino modules and also provides all the newcomers with an opportunity to double their first deposits when they get along with this option.

The first thing you need to know about the welcome bonus is that it provides you with a 100% of additional funds when you make your first deposit which is more than 10 Euros. The maximum amount of funds you can get for the live casino gambling makes 250 Euros which is much more than in the majority of the casinos.

You may be surprised by this sum, however, you should know that when it comes to the live casino you rarely can get more than 100 dollars bonus from the service, so 250 Euros is a very generous offer which has to be considered as an option when you make a choice in which casino to play.

At the majority of the casinos with the welcome bonuses which contain provision of the new players with the additional funds there are wagers enforced in order to compensate the generosity of the casino and make sure that the bonus codes redeemed won’t be misused. The same thing is true for the Rizk casino welcome bonus for the live casino players as here you need to wager your bonus with the 70x coefficient which means that if your first deposit was 20 Euros and you got 20 Euros on your bonus account you need to make bets on 1400 Euros in order to be able to withdraw the whole sum from your account. That is how it works everywhere – the only difference could be the wager amount.

this is not the only restriction that was applied for the players in the casino Rizk – you also need to know that you cannot bet more than 5 Euros with your bonus funds, so you need to consider that when you plan your gambling strategy.

This is a completely optimal term for the live casino bonus code and you can use it for your good once you have created an account and want to be victorious in your gambling activities. However, the welcome bonus for the live games is not the only thing newcomers can count for so we are going to describe the welcome bonus for the online casinos in the section below.

Online Casino Welcome Bonus

As we have already said the welcome bonuses are not the strongest side of the casino Rizk and still those are enough to try out the casino games and the experience you get here. The most of the users are satisfied though as I can say that although I’ve seen the online websites with even more generous welcome packs, there are not so many casinos with the similar smooth performance and true spirit of gambling granted to the users.

Anyway I would advise anyone who has already created an account in the casino to claim the welcome bonus for the online casino games at maximum as it gives you very tasty opportunities.

the maximum bonus funds you can claim under the conditions of the offer make 100 Euros which means that you need to cash in 100 euros when you make your first payment to the casino.

Unlike the live casino bonus here you can find even more soft and comfortable terms under which you gain the bonus funds – you only need to wager it for 40x, which means that in case you have gained 40 Euros of bonus funds you need to make bets on 1 600 Euros – a very good proposition considering all the future bonus codes you will be able to claim in case you have signed up for the

At the moment you are also eligible to claim the 50 free spins bonus which is much more than in the majority of other online casinos. The bonus free spins are allocated at the way that allows you to get 10 free spins per day during the five days and these free spins can be used on several different slots:

This is a great advantages as for the casino as at the majority free spins are only granted for the Book of Deads or any other featured games while here you can choose from the 5 different slots which you can try out with this outstanding offer.

On the each of the slot you can play 10 free games and that means you still have chances to win real money. At the majority of the online casinos from New Zealand to england you won’t find such an opportunity.

Consider that the bonus funds you acquire for participating in the offer are only eligible for 30 days, however, it is completely enough to spend all these funds.

Now as we have figured out the details of the welcome packs you should look through other kinds of promotions available at the casino Rizk in 2021.

5 000 Euros Hot Number Blowout

All those who love roulette games know that the casinos are not really fond of giving away any bonus codes or special offers for this kind of the game. That is rather sad and can become a reason why roulette is not so popular among the gamblers from Canada to Australia and we are glad to say that in the casino Rizk you are going to find an outstanding offer that will compensate that unfair ignorance of the roulette players.

The first thing you need to know about the roulette is that it is rather hard to find out a way to reward loyal players here, but it is still possible which was provide by the Rizk casino administration. The event which is proposed for the roulette players here is all about providing you all with an opportunity to win as much as 1 500 Euros even if you lose in the casino game.

The whole prize pool though makes 5 000 Euros so the winning is allocated not only among those who manage to take the first place but also for the other players that have barely reached the highest points status.

When the tournament starts all the players that are fond of the roulette are allocated at the leaderboard and in case you get your ball to fall on the specified number cells you will get points which move you to the top of the leaderboard.

The prize cells are 31, 21 11 and 1 – as much as four cells in 37-39 cell roulette games released for the Rizk casino. Each time the ball falls on the prescribed above cell you get a reward which is executed in points:

As you can see on the picture above in order to qualify to the tournament you need to place bets which exceed 5 Euro per round and that is the only disadvantage in this tournament but hey, the prize is quite worthy as you get a chance to win as much as 1 500 euros. Note one more thing – in case your bet is a loss you still get points. For example you have made a bet of 20 Euros on the 14, but the ball has fallen on the 1 cell. That means you really lose your 20 Euro, but instead you get 10 points which increase your chances to get the first place in the tournament dramatically.

in theory that means that even you have got losses during the tournament while playing the roulette game you still can get victorious just for winning the prize from participating in the tournament.

It should be mentioned that the casino administration is very generous when it comes to the prizes as the players who qualify the tournament are rewarded from the position 1 to 10:

There are also other cash prize tournaments which are taking place in the Rizk casino one should assess before making a choice of whether to gamble in this casino and now we are going to talk about the rewards for the most loyal blackjack players.

10000 Rizk Blackjack Bonanza

In this tournament you can participate in the race for the 700 Euros weekly and 4 000 Euros at the end of the tournament. You really will find this kind of a tournament really rewarding if you love playing blackjack. All you need to do is to play in the Rizk live tables and get lucky to have as many blackjacks as possible.

This is one of the most generous offers and tournaments I have ever took part in. Here you need just to play blackjack and the amount of bets you make do not count and do not impact your winning chances as all you need to do is just collect blackjacks.

Once you manage to do that you need to know that you included to the leaderboard and the amount of points you gather during the week is added to your account which can lead to getting one of the first three prizes:

The prize pool for the weekly challenges makes 1 500 while the prize pool for the final makes 4 000 Euros and that tournament lasts for four weeks that is why the prize pool makes 10 000. By the way, in the final raffle you also can win a vast of cash:

So when you play the blackjack on the live tables you gain 1 point per each blackjack you have taken. Each week the points you have gathered are compared to other players’ points and you get rewarded correspondingly to your position in the leaderboard.

Then after the fourth week of the tournament is ended you participate in a draw which is up to figure out the luckiest player of the casino. In order to qualify you need at least one ticket and each ticket is gained for 10 blackjacks which you have gained throughout the month and the number of tickets is unlimited.

However, unlike the weekly challenge here there is no leaderboard – it is a classic draw which means that you can win even in case you have the least number of tickets gathered.

As you can see it is hard not to get rewarded when you deal with the final raffle, so taking part in this tournament would be a very good idea all in all – it is one of the best events I’ve ever seen among the various casinos in 2021.

Double Speed on Slots

Slots are the most popular games throughout the online casinos – you barely will find a website on which there is not presented a wide choice of slot machines from the most popular manufacturers and this is the reason why on you are going to find tons of them. Along with the wide choice of slots machines you also can find here attractive offers that can improve your gambling experience if you are a slots machine enthusiast.

Each week there is a new game in the Rizk casino which offers you an opportunity to gamble and get twice more points for your activity. For example, for now on September, 2021 it is Imperial Riches.

Unlike the majority of other casinos the Rizk is doing it all to provide all the gamblers with an opportunity to get acquainted with all the spectre of gambling slots machines so each week you find the promo codes for the new ones.

The bonus code provided by the casino is all about doubling the points you gain while you play this game and it is a very generous offer considering the fact that when you play this game your chances to win remain the same and you still get the double points.

At the majority of the online casinos there other kinds of advantages granted for the slots enthusiasts and you will hardly find something like this offered here where you play free games and enjoy additional benefits that are provided for you on the constant basis.

10% Weekly Cashback Chip

When you play live casino games it is something different than just playing online casino games – here you have a live dealer and very tight atmosphere especially when you play for big. Well, that is why here is the place where you surely need to get some rewards for being such a loyal player.

In case you have suffered losses in the live casino games provided by Rizk there is no need to be upset as the administration grants you with an opportunity to get a cashback from some of the money you have lost.

Each week you are eligible to claim a money back on Tuesday and the sum you can claim can be as much as 10% from the funds you have lost in the casino games during the past week.

The cashback doesn’t work if you have gained a positive gambling balance, however, that is when you do not really need it. Otherwise, if you did not get lucky enough you can claim up to 100 Euros to make another attempt this week.

Rizk Races

Rizk Casino makes it all to provide players with as much joy and interesting events as possible and one of the valuable features of this casino we must review is the Rizk Races which are conducted on a permanent basis.

These are the tournaments for those who play slots and the main thing about them is that there are always several tournaments conducted simultaneously and there are no breaks as they are held 24/7.

Each of them lasts as much as 30 minutes and all you need to do in order to qualify is just join the game and play the slots that is qualified for the race. What is more about these tournaments – there are different prizes you can claim for.

There are main daily tournaments where you can money – up to 500 Euros and regular tournaments where you can get free spins on the constant basis just for doing what you already enjoy.

This kind of an activity can bring you enormous benefits as you can play free games if you win as there are prizes like 100 free spins or 500 free spins for the winners which means tens of free games for you always.

Usually in order to win all you need to do is to collect more points than other players that qualify for the tournament during the given time. You are limited by the number of spins and the more lucky games you play, the more will be your chance to appear at the first line of the leaderboard.

Below you can see the table that describes and enlists the rewards – as you can see the biggest amount of points you get for the wins that are about granting with the 10x towards bet prize and here are the good news – the more such prizes you get the more are you chances to win the tournament and at the same time win some cash as well.

Wheel of Rizk

The Wheel of Rizk could be called an analogue of the VIP programs launched by other online casinos. The main difference is that here you do not have something like a Bronze or Golden level – here you move up the level when you gain the points which are granted for your activity in the casino games. Thus, the more you play, the more points you have, the faster you climb up and gain new levels and your results in the games do not count – even you have big losses (which as already known you can compensate) you still can count on climbing up the levelling hill.

So here you gain points and level and each time you have got a new level you are eligible to play a Wheel of Rizk.

This is a kind of game where all you need to do is to push a button to spin a wheel and as a result you are going to be granted with a kind of prize – a valuable one though – which is going to bring you even more joy from your progress. There are several types of prizes you can claim for when you play Wheel of Rizk:

  • Jackpot
  • Double Speed Chip
  • Cash
  • Free spins
  • Super spins
  • Mega spins

What are these all about? These are the really valuable prizes which you can hardly find in other online casino and we are going to review them here.

At first, let’s start with jackpot/cash – this is a kind of a no deposit bonus you get on your account – however, that is not about the couple of bucks you apply for in other online casinos – these could be hundreds of dollars you can use to play free games. Moreover, there is no wager applied for these funds – that means that you can withdraw them any time you want without any restrictions – those are the real money which you can use just like you want to.

Double Speed Chip – is all about granting you with an opportunity to make your progress in the levelling up faster. That means that if you have been granted one point per some action, now you will get two points for a specified period of time and that means you are going to get to the next level much faster and thus you are closer to another spin of the Wheel. Someone could say this bonus code is not worthy to be chased for, however, I am going to tell that I felt like the amount of rewards has grown from level to level meaning that the higher is your level, the more rewards you get per each level up.

At last, let’s talk about the free spins which are granted with. free spins are free games on slots which you can use to win wager-free real money . that is what you are going to get when you apply for that. At first, you need to make sure you need to understand the value of the prizes. There are regular free spins which we all know. There are also super spins – each super spin gives you a right to make as much as three free spins – isn’t that beautiful?

And here we get to the Mega Spins – the main reason the slots enthusiasts are gonna like this offer – each Mega Spin is worth of 3 Euro bet per a round on the slots machines. As much as you can see there many reasons to be awaiting for your next level up and this is the way you are treated in the Rizk casino – with all those valuable rewards you get for progress you surely want to play here as much as possible.

The next thing you need to know is about the Super Wheel which you can spin – that is allowed for those who have reached each 10th level and those who have reached the 5th level. Spinning Super Wheel wis an additional mini-game which allows you to apply for even more valuable promo codes and rewards and note the fact that you are guaranteed to be victorious and get some kind of prize – the only thing is you do not know which prize exactly you are going to get.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the most popular activities when we come to gambling along with the casino games – however, it has its own specifics which is why you rarely can see the sports betting feature enabled in the online casinos. But when we talk about the Casino Rizk – there are always exceptions right here as it is a unique place to spend your spare time, so here you can definitely make bets on various sports events.

What is good about the sports betting feature here is the way it was realized on the website. just consider these outstanding lines, elements and figures and you really need to enter to estimate the smoothness of performance and the way the responsive design makes it comfortable for you to make bets and move from one event to another.

That is the reason why this casino is something more than a casino and should be considered by anyone who truly adores gambling.

Our Rating

It is always hard to make a fair review when you are so astonished by the quality of the casino services you get, however, in order to provide users with the approximately precise rating we have managed to figure out a couple of features we would like to rate from 1 to 5.


Such an online casino that has more than enough promo codes lack only one things – a mobile app. However, due to the outstanding and responsive design you do not really need an app – all you need is a browser on your mobile phone to enjoy all those outstanding features we have already told about in this review.

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