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Mr Green Casino Review – Make Bets, Gable Live on Your PC or Smartphone

The Mr Green Casino is an outstanding gambling facility with the great amount of unique and very engaging features. Unlike many other casinos here you won’t see boring promo codes and poor animation – only stylish gambling process which is supplemented with generous offers and events.

The amount of giving bonus codes here is more than in the majority of other online gambling facilities and unlike the majority of them the Mr Green has no tricky moves and hidden terms that are used against you – only the fairplay policy is insured. There is even a separate and very well worked out responsible gambling policy developed by the Mr Green administration in order to provide you with only positive emotions and keep you from losing all your money or making your gambling activity out of control in any other way.

The other thing you are going to see here is the thoughtful support which is full of agents that want to help you, and the cleat and intuitive interface and description of casino functions and promotions to avoid you from having any misunderstanding which motivate you to ask for help.

Moreover, it is one of those casino we rarely see in UK or any other country which has developed a mobile app for its users where they can play free games.

Anyway, this casino is worth considering and this review is worth reading to make the best decision on a facility for gambling.

Customer Service

The casino Mr Green has a very advanced customer care service enabled on the website – here you can not only contact the support via the live chat but also get an immediate response on any of your questions in the Help Center.

In the Help Center you can find a great amount of the promoted articles that are dedicated to the most important and frequently asked topics concerning how the casino works, how the promo codes are activated and many other subject.

This kind of approach is much more modern and advanced than the one we have seen in other online casinos where you have to wait several minutes until someone answers your question via the live chat or the phone call.

When I was surfing the casino I also have noticed the help button on the bottom of the screen, and I decided to try it out. I thought it was another live chat widget and how surprised I was when I understood that this is something more than that – it is a portable widget where you can enter a query and get an access to all of the related articles and guides concerning the subject.

I tried to enter ‘welcome offer’ query and got such a result.

As you can see in the topics above you can browse any kind of question you could have concerning the welcome offer – starting from free spins and ending with account verification guide.

In case the related article weren’t helpful you can press the ‘Contact us’ button and you will be offered to contact the support service via the live chat or even leave the ticket and once you choose this option the answer is going to be sent to you via the email or you will get just notified in case you already have an account. There is no option to have a phone call via this widget though.

All in all, it has to be said that casino MrGreen support service is one of the best I have ever seen as here there are enabled all contacting options and everything is done to provide you a clear and transparent explanation on the services, terms and conditions.

The last thing to be said as for me the live chat support service reacted on my query in less than 20 seconds which is a very good indicator when you compare to other casinos with the live chat widgets enabled.


Promotions is one of the strong sides of the Mr Green Casino – it is obvious due to the fact that there are many of them presented on the website. Moreover, you often can see like there are added new one’s or some of them are replacing the outdated one’s so in this review we are going to make a detailed overview of the promotions that are presented now for year 2021 and are eligible for players from all around the world from Canada to Australia.

3 Welcome Pack Options

This is the first bonus you get upon the sign up and there is really muhc to tell you about it. At first, let’s mention that there are three main types of activities available for those who are up to register in the casino:

  • Live Bets
  • Casino Games
  • Live Casino

Due to this fact you won’t be surprised that there are different types of promotions needed to satisfy players by each type of the activity listed above. Unlike the majority of other casinos the Mr Green doesn’t ignore that fact and thus you can to choose a welcome bonus for each type of activity, which is wonderful and very unusual approach enforced by the casino.

Thus, in this review we are going to discuss all of them and we are starting from the welcome bonus code eligible for casino players.

Online Casino Welcome Bonus

The online casino welcome bonus allows you to get as much as $ 1 200 and 200 free spins on your account in first five deposits. Those who were counting for getting no deposit bonus could be disappointed, however, if you have already dealt with the online casinos just like we did you know that gaining $1 200 from the start is very generous offer, and it is more than valuable, especially concerning the fact you can get it within the first 5 deposits.

In some of the casinos with such generous welcome offers you usually can get the most of the bonus funds from the first deposit which means your first cah in has to be really huge, while in the Mr Green casino the amount of bonuses you get per each deposits is almost the same.

On the picture above you can see the table which displays how much you can get bonus funds and free spins per the deposit you have made. As you can see the biggest amount of funds you can get on your fifth deposit which means that you are given some time to assess the mrgreen services and then make a big cash in which is a very good approach to the new players.

Concerning the free spins it has to be said that the fact you are gaining the 120 free spins at once is very valuable. Usually, when you make a deposit and get spins for it you do not get more than 20 free spins per day, and here you get as much as 120 free spins and only then 20 free spins per day during 4 days.

You also should know about the wager requirements enforced in the casino MrGreen – it makes as much as 35x for bonus funds. That means that in order to cash out the bonus funds you need to wager them 35 times, thus if you have gained $1000 bonus funds you need to comply a $35 000 wager at once and then the withdrawal is enabled.

You should also know that the welcome bonus is not stackable with the sports betting, so you shouldn’t have any bets enable when you are wagering the bonus funds, otherwise those can be taken from you. That is enforced in order to restrict any misuses of the bonus codes.

For all those who are looking for no deposit bonuses for online casino it has to be mentioned that the free spins granted automatically by the casino can give you more than couple of bucks you may get as they give you an opportunity to play much more free games and still win real money.

Sportsbook Welcome Pack

In this review you will find many features of the casino MrGreen that are realized ideally and much better than in all other online websites and the welcome offer is wonderful, too. When I was looking for the terms of welcome offers in other betting services usually it was all about the same and common approach giving almost nothing to the players. However, here you can get something more.

As you can see on the picture above when you qualify for the terms of the bonus code with your first deposit that has to be more than $20 you can get 2 free bets, $10 each as a result. This is something like a no deposit bonus actually.

However, the only thing you need to do is to wager the bonus, and make sure the odds for the outcome you make exceed 1.80. This term could be understood as the promo codes are made to increase your chances to win and improve your gambling experience, not to let you misuse the generosity of the online casino.

In the majority of the casinos when you get a bonus code like that the minimum odds you can bet on to qualify for the bonus funds makes 2.00 which means you have much less chances to win, and 1.80 seem quite reasonable.

Moreover, getting as much as two bets $10 each is more than we see in other online casinos or betting websites. You should know if you are fond of betting that there are also other promotions for this casino – both seasonal and permanent so read below to find out more.

Live Casino Welcome Bonus

When it comes to the Live Casino it has to be mentioned that the majority of the casinos do not have this feature enabled. However, even if they do the live casinos are rarely submitted to bonus code or any other promotions. In those unique situation when there are enabled promo codes for the live casino players those are not really generous and the reason is simple – there are no slots or any other games that can compensate generosity of the welcome offer which is one of the reasons why we don’t hear about the bonus funds in the landing facilities.

In casino MrGreen on the opposite hand there is both a live casino where you can gamble 24/7 and a welcome pack for live casino enthusiasts. All you need to do is to make your first deposit which will be more than $20.

As you can see on the picture you deposit is submitted to 100% bonus and can make at maximum as much as $100. Thus, if you make a deposit of $100 you will play with $200, and then you can head to the Live Casino section on the Games category section and choose the game you really want to play.

There is a big choice of games and what is surprising the majority of them are held by the website – however, this is the topic we are going to disclose in the section below.

For now the only thing one needs to know is that the MrGreen is very good in providing generous welcome packs no matter which kind of the activity those are dedicated for.

As we have finished with the welcome pack we can surely move to the other bonus codes, and the first one to start with is going to be a $50 000 Grand Prix Tournament.

The $50,000 Grand Prix Tournament

This is a tournament where you can win as much as $ 8000 and the overall prize pol makes $50 000. The outstanding feature of this tournament is that it is held 10 days and is being renewed after the previous one has been finished. There should be also told that this is not the only tournament held by the casino, though this one is surely the most giving one.

It is very easy to take part in the event – all you need to do is to undergo the qualification terms. The tournament is held in 2021 only for the specified list of slots games so you need to pay attention and figure which games are fit for qualifying the tournament.

There are some terms and conditions you need to consider when you are up to take part and take a chance to become one of the 250 players that have won the cash, and the prize can start from $80 of real money. Consider the fact that once you are taking a prt in the tournament you still play on real money and you will not only have a chance to win the prize in the Grand Prix but also win in the slots game and the more you win the more are your chances of winning the main prize of $8000.

When the tournament starts there is a leaderboeard and in order to get to that leader bet you need to make 50 spins on any of the qualifying slots games and the amount of bet shouldn’t be less than $1 in order to take part in the tournament.

You also should consider the fact that your winning chances depend on your results, not on the wager and the amount of bets you make like in the majority of other tournaments in other online casino that turn the competition of luck into competition on how much are you ready to spend to struggle for victory.

Each dollar you win while you play in slots grants you with 10 points and those points are added to your overall balance and the higher is your balance, the higher is your position in the leaderboard and thus the higher are your chances to win the tournament. Even if you lose the tournament all you need to do to win at least something is to be in the top-250 list and the higher you are the bigger is your cash prize.

$10,000 MYSTERY Cash Drop

In 2021 the online casinos are doing plenty of things to attract attention of the gamblers from countries like UK, so in addition to the rich design and wonderful logo there are also launched various unique promotions that are not presented in other casinos.

One of such promotions is the $10 000 Mystery Cash Drop launched by the MrGreen – this is something you haven’t really seen in other online casino, as I’ve seen hundreds of them and I rarely met such a kind of giving bonus code.

The essence of the offer is that there are some slots you can play which allow you to win additional funds in case you are lucky. The winning sum you can get has no relation with the combination you get upon the spin, it only depends on your luck – whether this spin is going to be a winning one in the frames of the Mystery Cash Drop Promotion.

In order to qualify for this promotion one needs to make bets on the slots that exceed $0.40, and thus any of your spin can bring you a prize of up to $ 1 500. Why not $10 000? Well, the reason is that the $10 000 is the whole prize pool and $ 1 500 is the biggest sum you can win in this promotion. Here is the table of winnings that are provided for those who participate in the event:

As you can see there are many prizes so you have rather high chances to win. Just imagine that you are making a spin that brings you no winning combination and still you win in the Mystery Cash Drop and get as much as $ 1 500 on your account. That would be a nice surprise and a good reason to shout Bingo! out of your window.

As we already have mentioned this is only one from the great number of outstanding offers provided by the MrGreen casino and now we are going to describe the next one – Blackjack Marathon that is conducted on a weekly basis.

Weekly Blackjack Marathon

Yes, we have already talked about the uniqueness of the many time, but when you find out what is this promotion all about you are hardly going to have any issues with the fact I will repeat that this casino has an outstanding approach to promotions.

The thing is that now in this bonus there are being rewarded players that are fond of blackjack card game. All of those who love this game will be delighted to know that you are going to be rewarded for having a specified amount of blackjacks during the specified period of time.

This promotion is eligible for 2021 and it is likely to be prolonged for many months further and it is all about that each starting from Monday and ending with Thursday all the players that have managed to get 5 or more blackjacks on the tables of the MrGreen Casino will share a prize pool of $2000.

Just imagine, that even if you have gained losses this week you still are going to rewarded at the end of the Thursday with a money prize just because you had a couple of winning combinations throughout the week.

Live Sport Bets

When you enter the casino you usually only can play casino games there, and in some of the casino you can see live games with live dealers where you can feel the spirit of real gambling which can be experienced in landing facilities of Las Vegas and other gambling capitals.

Here in the MrGreen Casino you are going to find something more – along with the great amount of online casino games, live casino games and even the exclusive and unique games we are going to describe below there is also an option of making bets on sports.

Just choose the betting option on the main page of the website to see the number of sports events you can bet on. There is a very user-friendly section of the website provided by the administration where you can bet on various sports like Hockey, Tennis, Football, Basketball and many others in a safe and secure manner.

We have already described the promotions available for those who choose the live betting option – you can choose either the welcome bonus for betting or get your bet insured and guarantee loss-free betting.

There are also other promotions that are launched on the seasonal basis. For example, when there are held important and worldwide known events for different sports or the finals of the tournaments are conducted.

In order to be always aware of the promotions held by the Mr Green Casino do not hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter after you login to your account.

MrGreen Exclusives

Casino MrGreen has many unique features we have already reviewed and we will review in our next sections of this article and one of those is the amount of the exclusive games it has. In this section you can find a great number of games that you cannot play in any other online casino from New Zealand to England.

When you scroll down this section you may notice that the majority of games presented here are live casino games launched in the own live casino which is streaming only for – the best place for those who want to gamble online.

There are also a few online games like slots and table games added here – on all of those you can see the Exclusive badge which underlines that you cannot find these games in other casinos.

Actually, it is a unique approach enforced as the majority of casinos only provide the games from other game manufacturers and you usually cannot find any difference between one casino and another as both of them are hosting the same gambling apps.

If you want to play Exclusive games you should only enter the corresponding section on the website and choose the ones with the casino logo on them. The next thing we are going to describe in this review is an outstanding approach of the casino to the tournaments which differs much from the common one.

Reel Thrill

This is the kind of tournament launched by the Mr Green casino. Actually it is a unique format which you can hardly meet in any other online casino. What you should know about the Reel Thrill is that here you can play slots and win free spins for showing the best results. We are going to disclose this event in details below.

The first thing you need to do to participate is to apply on the Reel Thrill page. Afterwards you are up to take part in a tournament having a chance to win as much as 190 free spins. All you need to do is to play the game pointed out in the terms and conditions of the tournament.

The unique thing about this kind of tournaments is that you do not play for real money, but wait a minute you need to know that the tournament is held for 15 minutes and you do not need to waste much to qualify. You need to make 20 spins during the 15 minutes until the counter comes to zero and depending on your results you will either win 190 free spins or not.

Consider the fact, that it is not about the sum you win, it is about the number and quality of the combinations you get per these 20 spins, so there is no need to make a bet of 5 Euros per spin, you can make a bet of 0.25 Euros and if you get more winning combinations than the other players you will win.

For example, if someone has made a deposit of 5 Euro and got a winning combination which brought him 15 Euros per spins and you have made a bet of 1 Euro and got a winning combination which gave you 5 Euros you are still going to take the first place just because your multiplier made 5x while the other player’s multiplier made 3x.

This is a very unusual approach to holding the tournaments – usually, the casinos are up to motivate players spend more on them, so they make the races where you win if you bet more, or make bets longer than others – anyway, it is always about the sum of the bets you have made.

Only in the Mr Green Casino we have seen an attitude where you results count, not the amount of funds you have wasted. And once you participate in the tournaments you have a chance to win 190 free spins and yet all those funds you will win when playing slot games.

Thus, this is the feature that surely is about being considered when you make a choice among the casinos.

MrGreen Casino for Android and iOS

Unlike the majority of all other casinos the mrgreen has made it all to satisfy those who prefer mobile gambling. The good news for all of those who own Android and iOS devices is the fact that you can either gambler on the mobile-optimized website or you can download and install an app.

In most of the online casino there is not very client-oriented attitude to the mobile phone owners as the only option you have is to play using the browser which is not very convenient as you both need to wait until the page loads on your browser and cannot benefit from all the advantages that apps have.

On the other hand, when you can play via the app it is much more user-friendly as you have your personal tool which is developed only for one purpose – deliver you as much satisfaction as possible.

However, there are a couple of things you need to know before installing an app. The thing is the app for Android and iOS are distributed not from the official Google Play and App store, so you need to allow your device to download and instal files from the third party sources – that is the only disadvantage in this scope.

However, you shouldn’t be disappointed by that fact as the app is totally safe, secure and free of malicious software which can damage your phone or tablet. In case you lack space on your device hard disk you can still use your browser to play from – you need to use the same login data and you can apply for the same promo codes and features as like when you are playing using your PC.


When you choose an online casino there are many factors to consider – starting from the generosity of the promotions to the range of free games presented. However, when we come to the Mr Green casino it can be told that the guys managed to do it all – they have provided generous promo codes, developed a very responsive and pleasant looking website, and even manufactured a mobile app for Android and iOS – it is hard to fail where the casino has failed to meet the expectations of even the most demanding gamblers.

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