review by: Morris Ramos

Miami Dice Casino – Outstanding Gambling Experience and Advanced Bonus Codes

When we talk about the casino we usually imagine some landing facility in Las Vegas, Atlanta or other gambling capital. However, today the online casinos have replaced the classic casinos and in this review we are going to tell you about one of the best gambling websites in the industry – MiamiDice casino.

There are many online casinos in the internet you can play in, however, it is hard to find the one with such generous promotions like the one we are describing here, especially when it comes to such an important promo code like a welcome bonus as you can apply it from the moment you have registered in the casino.

There is also very generous and giving VIP program which allows you to count on a special attitude as the casino makes it all to provide the best service for the most loyal players that are invited to the VIP club personally.

You will also find here a couple of unusual offers like an opportunity to participate in a draw where you can win a trip to Miami. All in all, there are many reasons to consider this outstanding casinos as an option so read below to find out deatils.


Miami Dice Casino has a plenty of attractive promotions for gamblers from all over the world. Here you can find many kinds of promo codes that can be considered to be competitive when you compare them with those provided by other online gambling facilities.

The reason the casino has enforced a client-oriented approach to the provision of gambling services, thus there are bonus codes that can fit any kind of player that has signed up to the service – that is why the Miami Dice Casino is a place one has to consider when makes a choice in which online casino to play.

At first, let’s make a general overview of the online casino promo codes and underline that unlike in the majority of website you won’t find no deposit bonus codes here which is a good news for those who understand that getting a couple of bucks with an outrageous wager cannot be considered as a benefit when you get a welcome bonus for being a new registered player.

Here you can find a list of bonuses that will make it clear why the Miami Dice is recognized by the thousands of players all around the world from New Zealand to England.

The first reward you get is a welcome bonus which is all about multiplication of your first deposit which grant you with the additional funds on your bonus balance at first and then free spins after you have got the funds on your account. Such an approach is rather common among all other casinos in 2021, however, you need to know that the offer Miami Dice provides to its players is rather generous in comparison with other casinos.

Along with the welcome bonus we are going to describe jackpots you can win here when you play in progressive slots – this is something that you won’t find in many other casinos as we know exactly that the majority of online casinos prefer to present only common slot machines as progressive slots allow players to win millions when the necessary sum is collected. However, all of this is going to be disclosed in details in the sections below.

You also may be surprised by a rather uncommon promo code provided by the casino – it allows you to win as much as a trip to Miami just for being an active player. Usually, all the prizes offered when the promos are launched by the casinos are limited by cash or kind of perks that increase your chances to win in the casino, however, the Miami Dica has shown a truly new approach to rewarding players, and thus we are going to describe in details how you can realize an opportunity of getting a free trip to Miami.

At last, the promotions section is closed with the loyalty points which can be earned by playing and making bets on different free games presented on the website and this is one of the most important offers launched by the casino as when you collect points you accumulate bonus codes which then can be used to earn some cash or get some perks and benefit that increase your gambling experience slightly when you play in the casino.

Anyway, if you want to figure out the main reasons to choose the Miami Dice as a place to gamble in forth below and we will tell you all you need to know to make the best decision. We are going to start from the welcome which is something all the casinos have in 2021, however, each casino has its own approach and now you can estimate the one that is presented by the Miami Dice.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome offer of the casino is all about providing you with the best terms of depositing upon your first three deposits which can grant you with an opportunity to get as much as 3 500 Euros on your bonus account and 150 free spins on top of that, and along with that you are also going to get as much as 500 loyalty points just for using all the three deposit bonus codes. However, there are some terms and limitations per each of the deposit which you need to know and in the sections below we are going to disclose them in details so there won’t be any hidden tricks or hints you do not know about.

The first thing you need to know about the welcome bonus is that its most generous part starts and ends on the first deposit you make as you get a 200% multiplication of your deposit and the maximum bonus you can acquire makes as much as 2 500 Euros. That means that in order to get this kind of bonus you need to deposit 1250 Euros and as a result you are going to be able to play with 3750 Euros which is an outstanding proposition when you compare it to the majority of other online casinos.

Usually, when you talk about the welcome offer the majority of other websites offer you no more than a couple of hundred of bucks with a 100% multiplicator or may be a couple of bucks of no deposit bonus which you get upon signing up. In the Miami Dice there is another approach – you get thousands of dollars and the main thing you need to do is to make a decision to get all the benefits from the first offer.

Of course you are not obligated to deposit the max sum, you can start from 20 Euros – this is a minimum amount of funds you can deposit to claim a deposit bonus and free spins, however, that will mean that you get only 40 Euros as a bonus and will be able to play only on 60 Euros which is not really a good idea when it comes to advantages you can get from this bonus code.

Moreover, you will lose a chance to redeem this first deposit coupon again so choose the sum you want to invest wisely if you do not want to lose a chance to get as much as you can.

As already mentioned the next thing you get when you are rewarded with the bonus funds is some free spins – the quantity is always the same for all the first three deposits – it always makes 50 free spins.

50 free spins which you get a bonus is much more than in the majority of other online casino – the standard amount of spins you usually get makes 20 or 40 so that is also can be called a generous offers.

By the way the amount of free spins you can get doesn’t depend on the amount of funds you have cashed in. In the Miami Dice you will get 50 free spins per each of the first three deposits in case the sum you have deposited each time is no less than 20 Euros – this is a minimum qualifying amount of funds.

Once you get your first deposit bonus you maybe interested in the next two ones and those are not so generous (which is why you need to pay more attention to the fist one) but still are rewarding and worth considering.

On Your second deposit you will get as much as 50% bonus on your deposit with a standard 50 free spins package. The maximum sum you can get on your bonus balance with this promo code make 500 Euros which means that in order to get as much as you can from this offer you need to deposit 1000 Euros – of course, here you need to cash in much more and get much less than for the first deposit, however, you still need to consider the fact that this bonus can be in use if you prefer to exploit long term strategies so having spare 500 euros can be a very important factor which will determine whether you win jackpot or not.

Thus, you are going to get 1 500 Euros on your account if you use the bonus code on maximum and you still can claim the 500 free spins which means that in total you are going to get 100 free spins if considering the first bonus.

At last, the last deposit bonus that was included to the welcome package gives you a right to claim as much as 75% from your deposit which can at maximum make 500 Euros. What does that mean? That means that in order to get the maximum amount of funds on your bonus account you need to cash in at least 666 Euros – well, maybe it is better to make a deposit of 700 Euros and then still get 500 Euros.

If we calculate the overall sum that is going to be stored on your balance in case you use all the bonus that were presented on the maximum then we see that you need to invest as much as 2930 Euros to get 3500 Euros on your bonus account and in general you will be able to gamble with 6430 Euros although you have deposited more than twice less with real money. And do not forget about the 150 free spins you are going to get anyway no matter what.

That is the MiamiDice casino welcome offer which can be called one of the most generous ones on the market. As the final rewards which you get in frames of the welcome pack launched by the casino there are 500 loyalty points which you get at the moment you have activated all of the provided promo codes from the beginning. We are going to discuss the benefits and perks you acquire by collecting loyalty points in the corresponding section below.

There are though some limitations and restrictions for the bonuses you get while you make your first deposits. At first you need to know that all the bonus funds that are credited to your balance are submitted to the wager requirement which makes x35. That means that for the 10 Euros of bonus funds you need to make bets which make 350 Euros in order to be able to exchange the bonus funds to cash and withdraw them to your credit card or any other payment system.

That is also a generous offer by the online casino as most of the casino make much harder restrictions and wagers to the bonus funds, and they also impose a max winning limit for the bonus funds which is not presented here, so make sure you consider this when choosing among options.

There is only one winning limit which is imposed on the free spins you get – you can win no more than 100 Euros with the free spins and that is the only thing that can be claimed to be a negative features when you review the welcome pack provided by the casino.

The next promo we are going to discover is designed for those who are fond of slots and it is all about the progressive ones which are the most giving though the most rare when we review all of the other casinos from the Canada to Australia.

Jackpot Slots

We will continue the review of promotions launched by the MiamiDice casino with the overview of the jackpot slots which are presented and can provide you with a cash prize that can make millions of Euros won instantly.

At first we need to separate the jackpot slots from the regular slots. The regular slots are characterized by the fact that winning there are fixed no matter what and the amount of funds you win only depends on the amount of your bet and the combination you get after the spin. If you made a spit and got a combination that gives x40 from the bet you made and the bet was 1 Euro you are going to win 40 Euros – and that is the reason online slots are so popular in the online casino – actually, it is the most frequently used kind of activity when you talk about online gambling facilities.

The next thing you need to know is why progressive slots are so marvellous. The main difference of them is the fact that here you can win a jackpot which makes millions of dollars and potentially is not limited with any sum. For example for now the maximum jackpot makes:

And that is one of the biggest jackpot I’ve seen in the casinos with the progressive slots as usually the counter stops on figures like 700 000 Euros or no more than 2 000 000 Euros. The reason these jackpots are so big is the fact it is rather hard to win them, though it is compensated by the fact that is you manage to win the jackpot you will get a fortune instantly.

The jackpot here is constantly growing – there is a counter which is increasing the sum each second someone plays the slots and it can increase dramatically just like in the MiamiDice in 2021.

It also return to the minimum amount after someone wins the jackpot and for now that someone can be you, so just do not hesitate to create an account, login to it and enjoy your chances to win one of the biggest jackpot we have ever seen in the online casinos ever.

You also can use your first deposits bonuses that come with the welcome pack to increase the chances of winning a jackpot which can make you a millionaire.

Destination Miami – Win a Holiday

This offer is a unique one as it considers providing users that have won in the lottery with a trip to Miami. If you browse the common casinos promotions like we do, you will see that there are not many websites that offer its players something except cash as a prize or reward, however, the MiamiDice breaks it all and in case you are a dedicated gambler you can qualify for winning this prize.

The Destination Miami promotions is a good example of the way to treat gamblers in order to become more client-oriented and provide as much of improved user experience as possible. In order to qualify the giveaway one need to gather tickets which can be exchanged on Miami Dice points.

In order to collect Miami Dice points all you need to do is to gamble as much as you can and the course of exchange of 1 MD makes 10 Euros of bets you make in general wagered by two.

That is the amount of funds you need to get 1 MD and in order to purchase a ticket which allows you to participate in a lottery to win a trip you need at least 1000 MD. The good news for all the players in the casino is the fact that there is not upper limit for the number of tickets you may have – that means that you can have 10, 20 or 100 tickets if you want – it all depends on your desire to win the trip and your gambling activity which will be shown on your account.

Some of you ay be upset by the fact you cannot choose the destination, however, there is one thing you need to know – once you have a trip to Miami you get all the expenditures covered. You won’t pay neither for accomodation or your food – all will be covered by the casino administration and it is a wonderful way to have a vacation just because you were gambling in a right casino.

All the players that qualify for the trip have a chance to win, however, there are term which need to be complied in order for the lottery to take place – in the given month there have to be at least 30 new players that participate in the event.

In case there weren’t 30 new players that doesn’t mean your ticket will be lost – no it just means the lottery will be moved to another month when you will get your chance to gain a trip of your dream to Miami.

Once you have become a winner in a draw the administration of the MiamiDice will contact you and discuss the details of your future vacation. You will be able to choose the days you want to get off to Miami and other details that are up for discussion.

We have been talking much about the promotions for this moment, and now it is time to to disclose the most valuable one – an opportunity to gather the loyalty points for your activity. This features opens you great opportunities in terms of winning more cash and improving your gambling experience on the website, thus you will find more about it in the next section.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points is something that has been launched in the majority of online casinos that want to provide their user the best service, however, sometimes we find out that the way it was made is not really something you can enjoy, as usually the benefits you gain from getting loyalty points are insignificant or just useless. Well, when it comes to the MiamiDice we see another approach which reanimated the concept of loyalty points and details are going to be provided below.

The first thing you need to know about the loyalty points is the fact the only way you can gather them is by gambling the casino games. However, there is only one exception we have already mentioned – you get the 500 loyalty points as a reward after you have activated the deposit bonuses from the bonus pack and that is all – afterwards you need to play games to gather them.

Each 10 Euros you have wagered give you a specified amount of loyalty points and the amount of loyalty points you gain depends on the game you play. The thing is there are different types of games in the and some of them are more risky, others are less. in some of the games the chances of returning your bet are higher than in others and that is the main reason why the amount of points gained for each 10 Euro which you bet vary. You can see the table with figures on the picture below.

As you can see the most rewarding in terms of gaining points are slots and scratchcards where you can gain as much as 2 points per each 10 Euros wagered, and the less rewarding is roulette with its 0.25 points. That is what you need to consider as well when you choose the games and make plans on collecting loyalty points.

However, that is not the end yet as you need to know what is the real purpose of collecting points in Well, here you can exchange the loyalty points on bonus funds which then can be transferred to the real cash, and that is the main reason to collect these points and pay attention to the coefficients points up in the table above.

The exchange ratio between the loyalty points and bonus cash makes 1000:5 which means that you can get as much as 5 Euros for each 1000 points you have accumulated. This is some kind of a cashback which you gain for your gambling activity and can then use to win more.

You can only exchange loyalty points when it starts from 1000, you cannot exchange 500 points for 2.5 Euros as someone could think. There are some conditions and limitations for this offer:

  • no more than 10 000 points can be exchanged on bonus funds per day
  • the bonus funds you get should be wagered by x35

The x35 coefficient is the same as for the welcome bonus which you get at the beginning and this could be the issue that can dissatisfy some players as maybe it would be better to get the funds exchanged on loyalty points as a cash without any wagering requirement. However, these are the terms of the bonus program you need to consider when applying for exchange.

On the other hand, there are no limitations for the amount of funds you can win with these bonus funds like in the majority of other casinos that have launched such a kind of cashback program with loyalty points. Moreover, you won’t need to keep these points to improve your gambling status as there is no multi-level ladder in the VIP program launched by the miamidice. However, this is something we are going to discuss in the next section.

Miami Dice VIP

The was developed as an online casino with a unique approach to gamblers and that is why it has launched such a thoughtful and satisfying promotions package. However, that is not everything you need to know about the benefits from having a login in this outstanding gambling facility. Another thing you definitely need to know about this place is the fact that here you can participate in a VIP program and become one of the most well-treated and respectful gamblers.

Becoming a VIP in the casino is the best way to get an extra service and a great amount of benefits and advantages that are not available for other gamblers. For example, unlike the majority of other online casino there is no such a thing like statuses here – like the bronze or diamond one – once you become a VIP level gamer you are being treated as a VIP instantly.

What are you going to get as a VIP member? At first, it is a personalized service which means you will get a special attitude from the live support on the website which is already very caring and thoughtful, but from no one each support agent will know he or she is having a talk with one of the most respectful players in the casino, thus you will get as much care as possible.

Moreover, you won’t have to deal with someone you do not really know as the casino support will give you a personal account manager which will give all his or her attention to you only and you will feel the difference of such an attitude for sure.

The next thing you will be granted with is an opportunity to participate in the private tournaments which are not available to other players in the casino. On these tournaments you will get a chance to play really serious games with the dedicated gamblers and get serious prizes which is impossible for regular users of the casinos.

Moreover, you will get personalized service which include personalized promo codes which consider your gambling preferences and favorite types of activities in the casino.

There is no specified way to become a member of a VIP club really. There is no ladder – the administrators of the Miami dice casino invite players to the VIP club manually – you just get an invitation letter to the club and you can either decline or confirm the offer.

This is also rather new approach to the formation of VIP member club which can be estimated as doubtful by some players, that have seen such programs in other casinos, however, you need to know that such an approach allows the casino administration to figure out the really dedicated players at once without waiting them to qualify all the requirements which were started automatically in other casinos.


Miami Dice casino is a good example of a place where you can really enjoy the gambling process, and that is grounded by the fact that all the benefits and advantages provided for players were well-designed, and thus there is no chance you will leave this outstanding gambling facility dissatisfied.

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