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LeoVegas Casino Review – A Place for Advanced Gambling and Making Bets

LeoVegas Casino was developed as a place where anyone can gamble, make bets or play in a live casino freely. No matter from which city of UK you are – that can Liverpool or Manchester – you are welcome here just like any other player of the country in the world.

There is a huge amount of promotions in this casino you will be able to choose from or combine in order to get accumulated benefits from being a gambler in this outstanding website. All you need to do is to sign up and then login and then you will be able to play here a great majority of games with a great majority of bonuses and prizes you can hardly see in any other casino.

Here you can get more than 50 free spins as just 50 free spins do not mean a thing if there are no other valuable bonuses that support this offer. Here you also you can find a place where gambling is safe and fair towards you no matter whether you play poker or bingo.

What can be said about the LeoVegas is that this online gambling facility really has its own face and it is a face that each gambler would like to see. So that is what we are going to prove in this review where we are going to describe all of the outstanding features available for gamblers in the LeoVegas casino.


When it comes promo codes the LeoVegas kicks the competition as there hardly can be found an online casino with such a rich and multi-level rewards system for new and current players in any other online casino. That is the reason why considering the LeoVegas Casino is a good option for any gambler that is looking for the best online casino.

As far as we know the promotions enforced in the casino have always been one of the main factors influencing the gamblers’ choice and if it is true for you than you surely should read the provided below review of promo codes enlisted by the casino LeoVegas.

Here you will find no deposit bonuses, free spins and many other very valuable features and propositions that can can be barely declined if you really love gambling process. The majority of the online casinos do not have such a choice of bonus codes that are available upon sign up so read carefully. Thus, no matter whether you want to play slots or monkey – you will find here good games for you.

We are going to start from the welcome bonus that is eligible for players in the casino and for sure you will be surprised by the number of options and quantity of rewards you get if applying for the bonus coupon.

No Deposit Bonus – Free Spins for Newcomers

No matter whether you are a dedicated gambler or newbie once you sign up to the online casino LeoVegas you get 22 free spins on your account which you can use to play Book of Deads slots machine. This is a kind of no deposit bonus that you can hardly find in any other casino. And the withdrawal for free spin winnings are completely free.

At the majority of online casinos you will get only a deposit bonus code which you can use to multiple twice or three time your first deposit and that is all you can count for which doesn’t seem to be a very profitable proposition. Thus, if you want to feel a real outcome from becoming a member of a club you need something and that is what the provides you with its outstanding welcome package which we are going to describe in details in the next sections.

For now it only has to be said that providing you not with 20 free spins but with 22 of them to play in one of the most popular slots for free is a very generous step which should be valued by the gambling society, so once we come up to that we can move forward to analyze and describe in details other promotions.

Welcome Bonus for Gamblers

Along with the no deposit bonus you get when you apply for the membership after sign up you also can claim deposit bonus which will vary depending on the sum you have cashed in.

There are actually 4 first deposits which you can get additional bonuses on and as there are 4 bonus codes it would be a good idea to review in details all of them not only the first. However, this is the one we are going to start from.

As you can see from the table above the maximum bonus you can claim after you have signed up to the online website makes $1000 and you can get in case you have made a deposit that exceeds $50.

However, there are specified terms and conditions which are applied for this kind of bonus code. At first, you get at first 25 free spins on your account (in case your deposit make $50 or more), and only after you have wagered the free spins you get credited the bonus funds on your account. There is no need to be rush as there are three more deposit bonus codes you can claim for and pay attention to the fact that for the majority of bonuses like the first and the second you do need to point out the maximum sum. For example, if you cash in $10 you are going to get the same bonus as if you has cashed in $19 and that means that the bonus can make from 100% to 200% when you deal with the LeoVegas Casino – have you ever dealt with such an outstanding approach?

Anyway. let’s move to the second deposit bonus code which can be redeemed right after the first deposit has been made and the bonuses were acquired.

Again you get either 10 or 25 free spins, although the majority of casinos would offer you 20 free spins, but that’s not the way the things are done in the LeoVegas Casino. Here you can get as much as $300 as bonus and no can limit you with that and the fact is that usually the most generous bonuses are those that come first, while here we see that the LeoVegas Casino provides players with rewards and prizes on the growing basis. So what is going to be next for the third deposit which you will do after a sign up?

As you can see here the maximum bonus makes $300 as well just like for the second deposit and still you can get 25 free spins which can be used to gamble free games. However, the first bonus makes no more than $5 if you deposit up to $49 so it looks there is no sense to make small deposits on your third payment if you only you do not have a high desire for getting free spins.

At last, there is a last bonus in this pack which you can use for your good – when you make a fourth deposit the rewards you can claim for look like that:

This is much more than you could count for in any other casino as it looks like the LeoVegas gives you an opportunity to get as much as $1000 welcome bonus with 122 spins after you sign up. Try to find any other online casino that provides this kind of terms for the players that have just made a first login and it is more likely you won’t find one – as these are really generous propositions which one should consider.

Along with the bonuses for those who play in online casino there is also one more welcome pack for those who is ill for Live Casino games and we are going to show that up in the next sections.

Live Casino Welcome Pack

Before we explain the Live Casino promo codes available for players that have made their first login and did not make any deposits yet, it has to be explained what exactly the Live Casino concept is all about.

Sometimes you see that there are written things like live dealers, feeling the true spirit of gambling – and all this is right. Live Casino gambling is much better for feeling the true gambling spirit which you get in the landing facilities of Las Vegas than the regular online casino games.

Here you get played with live dealer and against real players from New Zealand, Australia and other countries of the world. Here there is no chance of unfair gambling from the side of the casino as you deal not with an RNG but with professionals, so the human factor here plays a large role.

That is the reason why playing in the Live Casino can be a better idea than playing in any other gambling website – here you can play card games, roulette and many other classic games and see how it is really done and feel the atmosphere of gambling from your home.

Thus, the Live Casino bonus code for new players plays a very large role as the majority of online casinos do not provide Live Casino players with a great amount of the perks and benefits.

Now we can move to the essence of the welcome pack offer and it is all about granting you with additional funds you can use for playing upon your deposit cashed in.

There is one thing you need to know about these bonus codes – if you want to use them right you need to use them at maximum and get a full list of benefits and advantages which can be offered by the LeoVegas for the new players and when you see the bonus table you are going to understand why:

  • As you can see on the picture you will get only $10 for the $10-49 deposit, and when you scroll down to the maximum award it makes $250 for $250 deposit. You get as much as 100% which means you double the amount of funds you can use to win in the Live Casino games.
  • You also should know that there is another bonus code in the welcome pack for Live Casino enthusiasts – you can get another $250 on your second deposit and here a table showing the amount of funds you really can get upon the deposits you make.

As you can see the table of rewards is completely the same as for the first deposit so it means you can get up to $500 bonus funds on your balance just for making $500 deposit to play in the live casino. Use these funds wisely if you want to become a gambler number one and be sure that you winnings will cover your losses.

However, if you think that LeoVegas has finished with the welcome bonuses here you are wrong. Do not forget the sport betting enthusiasts are also welcome here and the casino has a couple of very attractive offers for them as well including the new players.

Welcome Bonus for Sports Betting

The majority of the gamblers prefer to gamble only, however, that is only because the majority of online casinos offer only gambling without other gaming activities which could be interested to gamblers. So maybe that can change is a gambling facility like casino LeoVegas provides a wide variety of activities on the website?

Well, that looks like it true and at the meantime the casino offers gamblers to try out their prediction skills with the sports bettings. Sports betting is a little bit different from the gambling in a casino or a live casino as it is considered about predicting the match outcomes of those who play not playing itself. So it is not about your luck, it is about your abilities to understand who is going to win in sports.

That is why it is so important here to be a sports enthusiasts, otherwise you almost do not have chances to win and otherwise you almost do not have chances to have a joy from this kind of an activity.

That is why the casino LeoVegas offers everyone sports betting welcome pack which allows you get up to $300 on your account.

In order to claim the bonus all you need to do is to request it in the cashier zone after you login to your account and then you need to make a deposit which will be doubled under specified terms and conditions and there are only two of them:

The amount of funds doubled cannot exceed $300 which doesn’t really mean you cannot make a bigger deposit it only means that if you cash in $700 you will get back doubled $300 of them.
You only get bonus funds after the wager requirements will be completed.

What does the second term means? well, wagering is when you need to make bets on a sum that exceeds the target sum several times in order to withdraw or get an access to your bonus.

In the situation with the that means you need to have a wager of 5x. For example, you have chased in $300. Then you need to make bets on the sum that exceeds $1500 and after you complete that task you are going to get bonus $300 on your account – that is what it is all about.

You can use these money to make more bets, and thus you actually get free games you can make free bets on and still win real money, isn’t that great?

Well, now after we have reviewed welcome offers provided by the casino LeoVegas – free spins, no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses it is time to move to other outstanding offers that are available for all the players that have login to the website

Extend Your Summer

This is the promotion which no other online casino will provide you as it is hard to find an online gambling facility with such a thoughtful attitude to its users. First of all, note that all you see here can be a temporary offer which won’t last long and it is being repeated each season since the 2021.

It is all about the vacation in the luxurious resort which you can win on a weekly basis and your chances to win such a prize depend on two factors:

  • the amount of the deposit you have made this week
  • your luck

Just consider the fact that in case you win you get 4 tickets and a trip to an outstanding resort which can be a wonderful option for vacation this season and you can get three of your friends for this trip.

All you need to do is to win in a lottery that is taking place on a weekly basis. And you go for this lottery with the tickets that are granted to you depending on the amount of funds you have deposited.

As you can see once you have deposited more than $500 you will have the highest chances of winning this prize and note the fact that this can be combined with the welcome bonus – just make a note that this kind of bonus code is eligible for the 2021 Autumn.

Thus, the more you deposit the more are the chances and after you have won you can choose among 4 destinations you can travel to:

The trip will last 7 days and you also will get as much as $ 2 500 to spend during the vacation. Such a generous offer is able for those who opt-in to the promotion and it is only possible after you sign up to the and login to your account. You cannot opt-in twice, only once and the prize is waiting for you, do not make it wait too long.

If you think that’s all – no there is something more you can claim for when you play in this wonderful casino and we will tell you about the great tournaments that are held here on the weekly basis.

Weekday LeaderBoards

This tournament is all about finding out the most loyal and the luckiest gamblers in the Canada, England and other countries of the world that are allowed to gamble in the LeoVegas.

Just consider the fact that for being a lucky player with a high gambling activity you can get even moe from your winnings – that is the thing offered by the casino to all of the users that login and play from 6 to 8 a.m. each day from Monday to Friday.

Each dollar you win here turns in a reward point which moves you forward and up in the weekly leaderboard and once you get the first place you can win as much as $3000 just for being the best player in the casino for this week.

In order to qualify you need to comply all the terms and play the games that are pointed out in the Promotion Games section – those are very valuable and engaging and you won’t feel sorry for taking part in this tournament even if you lose.

Only 2 hours of gambling 5 days a week and each dollar you win can bring you as much as $300 in the end of the week and that is what you really can get if you take a part in this tournament. This is more than a jackpot – this is an essence of rewarding for being lucky and winner.

LeoAlerts for The Most dedicated Gamblers

If you want to know what is about the mobile gambling in the LeoVegas then you should know more about the LeoAlerts mobile app that has been developed by the founders of the casino to provide all those like to make bets on sports events outcomes an opportunity to be tuned on 24 hours a day.

This app was designed to signalize users about the opportunity to make a good bet when the odds are good enough to be paid attention to and the idea of the app was taken from the trading apps that provide brokers with the opportunity to get alerted and notified when the market prices change dramatically.

Use this mobile app if you want to be online anytime and it is available in English, you only need to choose the Eng option when choosing a language. Afterwards you only need to login under your account and there is no way you won’t estimate this outstanding mobile app if you really like making bets live.

The app is available for download both for Android or iOS devices which are the most widespread mobile phones in the world.

You always can contact a support in case you have any questions – you can call them or write via the live chat. You also can benefit from tracking live betting events on your desktop device however if you download an app you will have an access to vital data 24/7 in any spot of the world.

LeoVegas VIP Program

The LeoVegas VIP Program really differs from the others you have ever dealt with. At first you need to know that here it is launched on a monthly basis which means that each 30 days you get the prizes based on the overall progress you have made throughout the gambling process.

Once you have registered in the online casino you start collecting reward points when you gamble and the more points you have collected the more points you get and thus the higher is your status – there can be more than 70 levels in this casino so you always have the space to move to.

No matter whether you play free games or not, all you need t do is to bet real money and look how the progress bar is being filled when you are getting a new level.

Based on the level you have acquired you get prizes each month from the LeoVegas Casino and it can be done very easy if you know how to do it.


When we look through all of the features of the LeoVegas Casino it becomes clear why it kicks the competition – the fact is there are not many online casino that have managed to provide such an amount of useful and valuable promotions and tools for its users.

The welcome pack itself which grants an opportunity to get almost unlimited benefits and enjoy free games is an excellent example of how the casino makes your gambling experience better if it pays attention to all kind of gamblers – those who prefer online casino games, other that prefer live casino games and also those who make bets on sports. That is why the Leo Casino is such a good place to gamble in.

Moreover in case of any complications you can always contact a support service, no matter whether you have any issues with withdrawal (though, you are likely not to have issues with withdrawal) or the way you can use the promotions.

The LeoVegas Casinos is available for the players from the majority of countries including UK and if you live in Liverpool and want to play Bingo or any other game you can do it here in a few clicks and before you do that you will be rewarded with a huge bunch of prizes just for being a loyal player here on the

All in all, the fact the website has produced a mobile app for alerts so that making bets became easier is another fact why this kind of the service has to be valued at most, so there are no reasons for you to be concerned about the quality and quantity of products you can get here.

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