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Karamba Casino Review – Play Casino Games and Make Bets for Free

Karamba Casino is an example of how much joy can get gamblers from the services with well developed promotions and VIP program. You are really going to see not so many online websites providing gambling services with such a thorough attitude to gamblers and all kind of users as here you can find bonus codes for any tastes and kinds of activity.

If you prefer slots you can take part in special tournaments for slots enthusiasts. If you want to make bets and shout bingo when your team wins there are plenty of offers for you as here you can find that your predicting skills can be used for your good and sometimes can bring you real money completely for free.

There are also not so many casinos in 2021 that allow you not only play casino games but also make bets on the outcome of sports events and that is a huge advantage for the, so use that on your consideration just as you seem more profitable for you.

Actually, it doesn’t matter what kind of games do you prefer, slots, table games or making bets – there is everything ready for you in this online casino that fully responds the 2021 standards so all you need to do is to read our review to know more about the surprises and benefits that awaiting for those who login to this outstanding website.


What is the first thing you are paying attention to when you decide whether to register on the casino website or not? Is it the number of games? Maybe the license? No, usually the most important factor that influences your decision is the question whether in the casino there are generous promotions that reward you for gambling activity.

That is the reason all the casinos have the promotions page on the menu and you can usually navigate it in a single click for a good reason – all the websites want to show you which benefits you are going to get if you create an account in the casino and thus you need to look this section thoroughly in order to make the best choice.

Our goal in this review is to give all the possible information about the promo codes which can be claimed by users in the casino so we have made a detailed study of the offers provided in the casino and checked whether they are better than in all other online casinos.

It has to be mentioned that as the Karamba Casino was developed not as a casino only but also asas a place where one can make bets on sports event that has influenced the variety and generosity of the promo codes available and we can say that it has been done in a good way, so that is why we are going to review all of these important features at first.

Before we start, it has to be mentioned that one of the most important and influencing bonus code of all is the welcome bonus which is the first to meet the player and for which all the gamblers that have created account on the are eligible for and that is why all of you need to make sure you have made a right point about the characteristics and features of the welcome bonus presented.

Welcome Bonus for Gamblers

If you are looking for no deposit bonuses you can be kind of disappointed as the online casino Karamba is not providing players with such a present on the start of the gambling process. However, do not be dissatisfied as there is something the casino has figured out for all of the gambling enthusiasts and the bonus code that is eligible for newcomers here can be easily displayed by this picture below.

This is one of the most generous offers which is provided under specified terms and conditions which we are going to describe in details here and all you need to do is to read this review in order to know what you can really count for. So let’s start.

The first thing you get is about bonus funds on your account for making a first deposit . No matter how much do you deposit at first the bonus cannot be more than 200 Euro which is rather generous propositions as the majority of the casino offer no more than 25 Euros which is not really a bonus you need to consider. That means that if you cash in as much as 200 Euros you will get 200 Euros on your bonus account, and if you deposit 100 Euros you will get 100 Euros correspondingly.

However, there is a bottom limit as well – you cannot cash in less than 20 Euros – such a sum won’t be eligible for bonus, so if you deposit 19 Euros you won’t be able to redeem the bonus, so be careful.

Actually, some of the online casinos offer even more generous welcome packs than the Karamba casino however, that generosity is compensated by the terms and conditions under which these promo codes are activated and acted and this is what we are going to discuss in details below. For now you only need to know that the proposition for newcomers of 200 Euros deposit bonus is more than generous and is rather competitive when you compare it with other online casinos.

However, that is not all about the welcome bonus provided by the As you can see here the main advantage of the Karamba is free spins, and here you can see a strong direction on providing them considering the fact that these spins are given to you during three days.

At first day when you have made a deposit you are granted with 20 free spins additionally to the bonus funds which means you can immediately use them on your premises to play slot machine games, however, the most interesting starts the next days.

When there is a day two after you have made a bonus you are going to get not 20 free spins – no, you will get as much as 40 free spins which is twice more and that doesn’t depend on the amount of the deposit you have made if it only isn’t lower than 20 Euros. For example, if your first deposit made 200 Euros and you got 200 Euros on your bonus account or if you made a first cashin that makes 100 Euros and you got 100 Euros on you bonus balance you are still going to get 20 free spins the first day and 40 free spins the second day.

There is also the third day when you will get as much as 40 free spins as well which you can spend on playing slot machines and along with that you are also eligible to get a special bonus pack which will be randomly collected for you and that is the reason this kind of welcome bonus from the Casino Karamba is called to be so generous.

You see, generally when you deal with the online casinos they are not very generous when it comes to promo codes and all you can get are a couple of bucks with no deposit bonus or maybe a couple of hundreds of dollars when you make your first deposits. Here you get a combination of benefits which is surely better and can lead to satisfaction of the bigger amount of gamblers no matter whether they are from New Zealand or England.

Just consider the fact that you are fond of slot machines but you also like table games – and you are offered to have the bonuses that give you the benefits for the both types of games – isn’t that wonderful?

Anyway, we have been a bit distracted from the general point, and here it is time to talk about the conditions and terms that are enforced for these kind of bonus codes and you may be a bit dissatisfied with those.

Actually, bonus funds on your account doesn’t mean you can get them on your balance and withdraw immediately – that would be nuisance and there is no casino that would allow its players do something ike that. When you claim a welcome bonus there is a wager which is developed to make sure that you use the bonus code for gambling not for misuse of the promo codes provided by the casino Karamba administration.

At the wager makes 35x and is being multiplied on the bonus fund you have acquired. That means that if you have made a deposit of 200 Euros and got 200 Euros on your account then you need to make bets on the sum that exceeds 7000 Euros to be able to withdraw your winning. That may sound harsh, but depending on the game you are playing this condition can be rather fair, especially if you play blackjack or any other games like this.

There are some casinos that enforce even a greater wager limits on players which can make 40, 50, 90 for the bonus funds – the more is the wager bonus the harder it can be to realize your right to claim the funds you have won as you need to play much more in order to withdraw your money you have won. Some of the online casinos make the wager rather low – it can make 20 or 25 but they claim that it is imposed both for the sum you have deposited and the sum you have got as a bonus and that is why this thing can be rather tricky while in the Karamba Casino it all is provided rather fair so you won’t have issues with figuring out the terms and conditions.

At last, when it comes to the welcome bonus it has to be said that you can claim it automatically, but in some cases you may have some technical issues or problems if you did not understand the terms of getting the bonus code, so you can freely contact the support service via the live chat 24/7 to get an answer and solve the issue.

Now it has to be said that the generous welcome bonus is not the only thing you can get in the online casino – there are much more promotions and bonus codes you are eligible for and we are going to disclose this subject in details in the next sections. However, at first we are going to describe one more bonus for newcomers – the only thing you need to know this kind of bonus is eligible for players that want to make bets on outcome of sports events.

Welcome Bonus for Sports Betting

This bonus can be a surprise for all of those who did not count to get some specific welcome bonus just for being sports enthusiasts so get ready to be pleased and surprised by the attitude of the KarambaCasino which makes it all to improve the user experience of the players as much as possible.

On the picture above you can see the terms of the welcome bonus eligible for those who make bets on sports and that is something you should really value as there are not many online casinos or bookmakers sites that make such a present to new players.

Thus, all you need to apply for this bonus code is to make a deposit of 10 Euro or more. That is first condition which is rather fair, as we are not talking about the no deposit bonus here. So after you have managed to do this you also need to make a bet on an event that fully complies the conditions pointed out in the second term of the welcome bonus – the probability of the event mustn’t be lower than 2.00. That means that when you make a bet on the event outcome its probability should be not more probable than the opposite one by the opinion of the analytics that are working in the KarambaCasino.

For example, if there is a football match in Spanish Primera where FC Barcelona plays against the Getafe and the odds look like this 1.23 : 7.6 you won’t get bonus funds in case you make a bet on Barcelona FC as the odds are less than 2.00, however, if you make a bet on the Getafe winning you will get not only 76 Euros but you will also get 10 Euros from the Karamba Casino for this very brave move – that is how that works. Of course, it is not necessary to make the bet on such an unlikeable outcome, the chances can make also 2.01 – the main thing is that the odds must be more than 2.00 in order to be eligible for getting a bonus.

You also should know that the bet you have made can make 10 Euros only. It cannot be 9 Euros or 11 Euros as this bonus code is only eligible for 10 Euros bets. Thus, you can easily get as much as you want from this one-time bonus and these are the good news for all those who like getting benefits from online gambling services.

There are many more bonus codes eligible for all the players that have a login in the casino thus all you need to do to find out more about them in details just like about the welcome bonuses is to forth below.


The tournaments that are conducted for the gamblers throughout the world and countries like Canada and Australia can make you a really reach man just for showing a high gambling activity even if you do not show the high results when it comes to prizes. For example, let’s consider one of the tournaments that is held regularly by the casino administration and takes several days.

As you can see on the picture here the only factor that can affect your winning or losses is the amount of bets you have made in the slots games and the list of the slot games the bonus code is eligible for is provided in the terms and conditions section.

Thus, all you need to do is to show high gambling activity – just make bets and each of the 1 Euro you have staked will give 1 point which will move you a bit higher in the leaderboard which is made automatically and completely depends on your gambling activities.

In case you will collect more points that all of the other players you are going to get the main prize which makes as much as 100 Euros and this some will be credited to your account immediately. What does that mean? That means that you can cover your losses or even increase your winnings.

Just consider the fact that you have made more than 1000 spins to win in this tournament, and what will you get in exchange from the casino:

  • Greater chances to win in the tournament.
  • Greater chances to win in a game – do not forget that you the more spins you make the more are the chances you will win cash prizes, so that is a strong factor.
  • You will improve your status in the loyalty program launched by the Karamba Casino – we are going to discuss the loyalty program later in this review, however, you should know about that now.

So is there a sense to take a part in a tournament? Yes, for sure. However, when we talk about such a kind of promo in 2021 there is always a question arisen – are there any better offers in other online casinos?

Well, there are casinos with tournaments where your winning chances depend on your gambling activity, the only thing is that the majority of them offer very low prizes and not so much when it comes to the second or third place. By the way, at the majority of such tournaments you need to comply specified conditions to qualify and that is a serious problem as the online casino doesn’t provide equal chances to all players. At last, the majority of those are called races and only last a few minutes like 20 or 40 and only the few of them take more than 24 hours.

Here we have a tournament at the which lasts several days and offers valuable prizes for those who were close to the first place but did not manage to get it. The full prize pool make 3 500 Euros minus the 1 500 Euros, which means that those who had chances to win will get 2 000 in total – and it is rather fair prize for those who have lost the race for the first place.

KaramGuess Weekly Event

This kind of promotion is all about rewarding the players that are best in predicting results of the match outcomes. Once you have managed to make a correct a correct answer on the question which is going the outcome on several events this week you can win a Token that allows you to secure your bets.

All you need to do is to participate in promotion and in case you win you are going to get free opportunity to insure your up to 200 Euro losses.

This kind of promotion is taking place each week and any player can participate in completely for free. Actually, that means that only for being a good sports enthusiast you can win as much as 200 Euros and that is a kind of promotion that you won’t meet in any other online casino.

Once you login to the casino you will be able to participate in this tournament completely for free and that is an outstanding opportunity for you to get all benefits and advantages from being a gambler in this online casino.

Win More With the KaramBoost Offer

This kind of the bonus is all about increasing your winnings you have already got under specified conditions. All you need to do is to make right bets in a row and that will bring you to a chance of winning more than you were even had to according to the match outcome odds.

All you need to do is to make a row of 4 winning (at least) and that will allow you to boost your winning prize on up to 77% which can be a huge pro for all those who have been looking for a way to earn in a safe and secure manner. All you need to do is to make sure that the events you make a bet on have odds that are not lower than 1.2 – that is the main condition.

US Open Prediction

The US Open Tennis tournament has became one of the most important events in the world especially for those who are fond of tennis as a sport. And that is why on you can win more if you will make a predictions on results of the tournament.

All you need to do is to place a prediction and wait until it will be fulfilled or not. In case you make a right choice you are going to win a secure token which allows you to insure you from losses and that is an outstanding chance to play free games instead of paying when you do not have to.

All you need to dois to login to the website, pass to the promotion page, choose this promotion from the list, make your choice and enter your login data in order to join the club and participate in the promo.

It looks like you can take a part completely for free and win a very huge prize, so why don’t you try that out for your good?

Top Loyalty Lounge

What is good about the Casino Karamba is the fact that here you are treated fairly no matter whether you are a gambler or just want to make bets on match outcomes so all we can tell all those who play here – pay attention to the loyalty program launched by the online casino CarambaCasino, not the bonus codes only. In this review we have described them all, but we have only came to the loyalty program that rewards the most dedicated and loyal gamblers.

All you need to know about the benefits you are going to get if you participate in the VIP program is enlisted in this table.

As you can see you start participating right from the moment you have login to your account at first time and no matter whether you have used your welcome bonus or took participation in other promo events you collect the reward points for showing an activity and the more you play, the higher is your status and thus you can take more rom being a player in the Karamba Casino, so just use that for your good and do not forget to track your status in the online mode.

The main thing you are going to get from improving your status is an opportunity to turn your reward points you get from gambling activity to the bonus funds which can be credited to your account and used for gambling which actually means that you can use that program to play free games and still win real money.


There is everything fine about the casino and the only thing that could be called absent here is a mobile app which you can download and use to gamble on your smartphone. However, even if you prefer to use your mobile phone or tablet to play games or make bets you still can access the website if you have a browser with the last flash player version installed as the website is fully mobile optimized and ideally fits to be used from any kind of device or platform.

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