review by: Morris Ramos

Unreal World of Gambling with The Kaboo Casino

Kaboo Casino is the most atmosphere thematic casino you have ever seen. Here you can play online casino games not just just like in a casino, but as a part of the campaign developed by the website administration. Unlike the majority of other online casinos you will feel the true spirit of the cool and unknown world where you are someone novice and your goal is to navigate here as far as you can.

It has to be said that the majority of the online casino just copy each other and you can hardly differ one from another while here with the Kaboo Casino you will experience an unpredictable adventure which cannot be repeated on any other website. This is the main feature of the online gambling facility which allows not only win huge prizes but also experience something you have never felt in the dark and mysterious places the game will lead you to.

User Interface

User interface is the main element of the Kaboo Casino – this is where you can feel atmosphere of the gaming that the casino wants to show you. It is executed in dark colors with a very stylish design with all those elements that make your gambling experience more deep and let you feel the right spirit.

What is good about the caboo casino is the fact that all the elements are developed in a single theme which means you really feel pleasure when you scroll the page down or press buttons.

There are many good things to say about the which can be called the masterpiece of the webdesign and one more good news for those who prefer mobile gambling – here you are guaranteed to get a responsive and user-friendly mobile-optimized area for gambling no matter what. Thus it would be a good idea to try this site out just thanks to the fact here you can experience smooth gambling performance.


Registration process is an important element in any online casino as it is the first thing you do along with playing free games when you enter the online casino. It has to be mentioned that this online casino was made to provide the best usability and registration process is not excluded from it.

Just press the Open Account button on the top right of the screen and you will see the registration page where you have to point out only few of your personal data. It would also be a good idea to provide yourself with an ability to get subscribed to the new and promotions of the online casino so do not hesitate to click on all the checkboxes on the registration to always get fresh information on what is going on in

Actually, there are different approaches to registration of new users in different casinos. Some of them allow users to sign up using services like Google+, Facebook or Twitter, while others demand filling in if too many fields just like you are going to get an ID, not register in a casino.

So the registration process is rather primitive here and the next thing you should surely do after you have passed the registration is claim the first welcome deposit bonus code. You won’t be able to claim a no deposit bonus here as well as free spins or any other kind of popular in other casinos promo codes, however, here you can get a great majority of the theme bonuses, so let’s forth on to find out more about the welcome bonus you are eligible for no matter whether you from England or New Zealand.

Welcome Offer

The approach to welcome offers can tell you much about the online casino you are going to login to. The majority of the online casinos offer only insulting no deposit bonuses which give you only a couple of bucks that you will lose in a couple of seconds and spins while those casinos that respect their players and are worth visiting offer something more valuable. That is what you can say about the Casino Kaboo – here you won’t find bonus codes that you do not really need – only what is really necessary and valuable will be provided.

In fact, here you can get as much 50 euros on your account as a 100% bonus on your balance after you make your first deposit. This is not the most generous offer, however, this online gambling facility is not about marketing – it is about spirit and atmosphere.

The next thing you are going to get in frames of the welcome bonus is 1 Relic – an internal currency of the Casino Kaboo used to reward loyal players. Here you can find much more than just a soft bonus code for the new players as you also can claim Jackpot which can provide with a significant amount of cash.


Have you heard about the loot boxes in online games? Well, Relics is something like that – those can be used for various goals, but mainly Relics are boxes which you can open and redeem boxes out there and in case you get lucky there is a chance you will get a jackpot instead of the regular present.

It has to be said that there are many approaches to the rewarding of players and some of those are really genius, other fail to provide players with the outstanding gambling experience and if we speak about the Kaboo – here we get at least unusual approach to rewarding players.

You gain Relics for the gambling activity that you show, for the promo codes you activate and special events you participate and gaining a Relic is a good way to improve your user experience dramatically and it also can lead to acquiring a greater amount of cash which is eligible for withdrawal.

Payout Rate

The main goal of the Casino Kaboo is to entertain, however, that doesn’t mean you cannot count for the high payout rate. What is done by the casino administration for sure is that there are provided all the possible measures to attract as many players as possible by the fair policy and the casino makes it all to be transparent and clarify its activity so you shouldn’t hesitate when you decide whether to play here – the payout rate is high enough.

Actually, if you do not know what the payout rate really means there are some things you need to know. At first payout rate is an indicator that in generally shows you the winning chances of the regular player that has logged in to the casino. The higher is the payout rate the more are the chances for players to win here and this is a good sign when for the majority the payout rate is more than 95%.

You also should do one thing. Look at the quantity of various gambling regulators that have approved the Casino Kaboo on the main page of the website.

All of this means that the casino is certified and acts in frames of law, thus the payout rate is also at the level which is enough to make sure you are treated fair as a player.

Demo Gambling

Demo gambling is an activity that allows you to try out the online casino games on your own. It is a good way to check out whether this website fits you or not as sometimes you really need to have a good consideration and the way the games are played can become the most important factor affecting your choice.

Thus, make sure that you try all the games you are interested in out – you also can examine various strategies that can be used to guarantee you winning in this uncertain world of gambling.

It is very easy to gamble for free in the – all you need is to enter the website and press any game you want. There will appear the Play Now button which you need to press. Just make sure you have logged out of your account to be able to gamble for free.

Unique Features

The main feature of the Casino Kaboo is the fact that is not like other casino. It is a thematic gambling facility without all those useless free spins or other kinds of promo codes that only make it look like you have got something special from the online casino. Here you can really get as much joy as possible due to the atmosphere of this website.

What cannot be said about the Kaboo is that it has a really developed promotions section, however, it is fully compensated by one thing that other online casino do not have – a varied and very engaging gambling process which doesn’t let you distract, and this is provided both by the mechanics enabled in the casino and the outstanding design.

It also has to be said that there not many casinos that find out their own way to build the gambling facility – the majority of them just copy successful moves of each other and you cannot see the individuality of the casino as you cannot differ on from another which is rather sad when you come to the necessity of diversity.

Responsible Gambling

Gamble responsibly – that is the main idea provided by the online casino Kaboo which has made it all to develop reliable and user-friendly policy for all those who can suffer issues with gambling addiction. There are three main measures that have been developed by the administration:

  • An ability to block your account
  • Imposing restrictions to gambling activity
  • Deleting an account

Each of the actions can be provided if you contact the support service via the live chat which works here 24/7, so all you need to do is to provide yourself with the sufficient amount of patience to make sure you have imposed all the necessary measures to make your gambling process safe and reliable. There haven’t be any negative effects on your budget after you finish the gambling process so just make sure you have provided yourself with the good gambling policy.

In case you feel you cannot control your expenditures you should contact the support service and ask to enforce a limit on your deposits or the losses. For example, if you know that the maximum sum you can lose per day makes $37 just tell the support service about that and you won’t be able to lose more than this sum. In the meantime you will be able to to win as much as you want.

Such an approach to self-defence of your finances allows you to avoid all the negative effects that can be caused by uncontrolled gambling. By the way if you choose that losses limitation is not helping just do another useful thing – ask the support to block your account for several days. This can be done via the live chat – in such a case you won’t be able to play, but you will be able to withdraw funds from your account and have a rest from gambling for several days.

At last, you also can ask the administration to delete your account at all – of course you will get all the necessary funds back to the credit card or any via another payment method you have chose, so just make sure you have as much positive attitude as possible to avoid deletion of your account.

Live Casino

The live casino in the Casino Kaboo is the place where you can check your real luck and skills with live dealers. The main difference of the live casino games from other ones is the fact you always play from the casino and dealer, not only the random number generator which is always valuable experience and provides with completely other emotions as here you cannot skip animation of the gambling process no matter what kind of games you are playing as everything you see on the scree happens in real no matter whether you are – in Canada, Australia or UK.

In general live casino became the real breakthrough and remain the same in the year 2021 and there are not many casino that provide live casino gambling experience online – only the good one like the one we are writing a review on.

Most of the gamblers do not really appreciate an opportunity to gamble Live Casino games, and that is for a bad reason – if you are not a fan of slots, it is really better to play table and card games via the live casino.

Yes, there can be no such an outstanding animation, however, it is still much better than not trying it out at all. Give yourself a chance to get some satisfaction from your position as an online gambler who can feel like he sits in one of the most prestigious Las Vegas casino without getting out from your home.

No flights, no tickets, no hotel room reservations – all you really need is only your computer and a will to gamble in real world.

Mobile Gambling in Kaboo

Kaboo was designed as a website that provides with an outstanding opportunity to experience both mobile gambling and playing using the PC. This website was optimized to provide a user-friendly and smooth performance for gamblers from all over the world including UK, thus here all you need to play is a stable internet connection and a browser with an updated Adobe Flash Player.

Actually, there are many online websites like Kaboo which provide gambling services for owners of smartphones and tablets. Some of them also provide mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. However, the Kaboo doesn’t and you may be disappointed by this fact, though you need to know that in case there is a good mobile optimized website you do not really need a mobile app. This can even good as mobile apps take space on your smartphone while when you play via the browser you do not need to download and install software, thus you get more spare space on your device.

The mobile gambling in Kaboo looks the same of the gambling in PC – you have an access to the same trading and gambling features, you can apply for the same bonus codes and perks, and the same games are available for all users. You also can play free games using your mobile device if you log out from your account.

How to Make Casino Better?

Actually, Kaboo is not like the other online casinos – it is a very unique and authentic service which was designed on the basis of the theme of adventures in the unknown world. The majority of the online casinos are just gambling facilities, while Kaboo Casino offers something more to its visitors so there are some limitations for those who play here.

You may not find the games that you can find in other online casinos, however, you will find here unique activities and online gambling software which can become a valuable asset for any player, thus you cannot have a common approach to this website – all you can do is to accept it as it is as there is no way it can turn in a common casino website.

However, if you still have any proposals or if you are somewhat dissatisfied with the service you always can leave a comment for the website support service. As there is a support that works 24./7 you can be sure your voice will be heard and casino will do it all to improve the casino service for all the gamblers that show their loyalty to the casino.

How to Get The Best Experience from Gambling in Casino?

At first, you need to understand that once you have signed up to Kaboo there are no general rules that can be used when assess this service. There is no sense to play here if you want just to play casino games – there are casinos with the better promotion packages, and are casinos with the broader choice of games.

No, Kaboo is all about the unique gambling experience and you need to consider that when entering the website, so there are only two options available – you either like the theme of the casino, either not and if there is a second one there is nothing that can be done about it. However, if you try and like how the gambling process is organized on the website, it can become the best place for you to play and you won’t be able to play in other general online casinos, so choose wisely.

24/7 Customer Care

Actually, the gambling process on the is rather primitive and you cannot really find here something that will cause difficulties due to the high website usability. However, due to the fact there are many nuances on the website you won’t find on other general casinos you may need some help and that is the reason there is a live chat support service on the website.

You can use the help of the support agent 24/7 if you want to find out more about Relics, Missions or the promotions on the website. Any time you contact the support service you will get a help, which is very important for the user experience on the website.

You also should contact customer care if you want to limit somehow your gambling activity – for example, if you want to block your account or limit your losses – that is the option that is available for all the users.

Security and Privacy Issues

As for the gamblers there was done everything possible on the website to provide them with the full protection of their privacy. For example, there is no option your financial data or gambling activity will be disclosed or transferred in any other way to the third parties and that means that you can feel secure and safe when you make bets, deposits or withdrawals on the website.

The only thing you really need to do is to pass the verification process which can be rather complicated for those who have never done it but generally it is really easy and primitive. All you need to do is to submit for the casino your ID, address proof document and credit card photo or scan – that is all you need to do to undergo the KYC and AML process.

You may be confused by the fact it is necessary to submit your documents as you do not have to do that when you play in the land facilities. Well, that can be easily explained – actually you cannot gamble legally if this process is not enforced by the casino administration as this is a mandatory demand from the FATF – an organization fighting against money laundering. So if you find a casino which doesn’t demand any kind of verification it is likely that it only accepts payments in crypto, or it is an illegal casino which means that you cannot trust it your private data or even deposits as its activity is not regulated at all.


To sum up, it has to be noticed that there are not many online casino that provide such an outstanding gambling experience considering the fact that they all look almost alike and there is enabled no more than regular online gambling activities.

However, when you come to Kaboo you get something more – a story, an atmosphere and outstanding spirit of adventure. On the other hand, all these elements can be considered as distracting for the gamblers that only want to gamble. Well, for such players there are many outstanding casinos which you can get acquainted with on our website by reading our reviews.

What should be underlined about the Kaboo as the main features are atmosphere and gambling process. You won’t find many casinos that have made such a detailed world which let’s you to experience something more than winning from a joy and disappointment from losses so let’s just accept the Kaboo casino as it is and enjoy all that things that were implemented by the developers.

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