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Casino Casumo. Can a casino change the world?

Common Information About Casino Casumo

Welcome to the review of one of the most positively tuned casinos in the world. Casumo –  casino that is set up not only to make its games more fun but also to change the world, with the support of its games. No matter how strange it may sound, but it is. Casumo really positions itself as an “influential” casino that changes the people around and the world a little from year to year. Indeed, by going to the casino site you can find a pretty friendly and cute interface, unusually cute if you compare it with other online casino sites. And now in more detail.

Casumo – casino which was founded in 2012. Since then, the casino has grown and improved a lot. With more than 850 games and several awards, it is considered very popular in England, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The casino is awarded with such awards as EGR Nordix Avards in 2017 and 2018 for the best mobile casino application. And another casino award received in 2021 for the operator’s Online Casino. So we come to the theme of the mobile application. The casino really has it, and has very good reviews. How well the application works is up to users and the reader to decide. The site itself looks very friendly, where it’s hard to get lost, and it’s easy to deal with navigation. As for games, on the site immediately upon entry you can see several tabs with several games at once. In the main menu, you can see sections such as TOP, slots, board games, jackpots, live casinos and all games, and there is also a search bar where users can independently find the game they are interested in. Immediately upon entering the site, you are welcomed by a bonus that is issued upon first registration. The only minus of the casino is that it does not have a VIP program.

Also, there is always a support chat on the site, as well as a hot line number and an email address. So players will not be left without help for sure. The casino especially closely monitors the state of its users, therefore, introduced a function such as Play Okay. Like in every casino there is a lot of convenient way to withdraw and deposit money, but you need to remember the rules and conditions that are on any site and which we will learn below.

Your Obligations on Casumo

Like any other casino, Casumo has a number of conditions and obligations which the user must adhere to. The player can read all his rights and obligations in the Terms section which you can find on the site and familiarize yourself with them. We list the most basic ones below.

The user does not have the right to have more than one account and have more than one account. The casino has the full right to remove unnecessary accounts and, in the event of a repeated violation, completely “disqualify” the player.

You are fully responsible for the age you specify, and partial responsibility for your data such as username, password and your username. We remind you that gambling is available only to adult players, and violation of this rule carries a certain responsibility.

As a user, you have the right to use only your name and your identity to maintain an account. The same goes for making a deposit. The player does not have the right to use someone else’s card to make deposits. Only your card with your name. Similarly, you do not have the right to withdraw money from your account to another person’s card.

You cannot play games if your account has insufficient funds.

As for the funds, you do not have the right to use illegal funds to pay bets.

The site also has a “tolerance system“, which means that you must be polite and tolerant with other players and users of the site. Also, do not be rude to live chat managers, in which you have the right to contact at any time of the day 7 days a week. Play for fun, not for profit and everything will be okay.

Support and FAQ

As for the support service, there are three ways on the casino website to contact the support service. The first and most popular is live chat, which can be accessed 24 hours essentially 7 days a week. This is the most popular way to turn to support due to the fact that the answer is not long in coming. The second way is of course the email address, where you can describe your problem in more detail. And finally, a telephone hotline, where you can also call at any time.

Before writing to the support service, the site invites you to consider a few frequently asked questions from the beginning in order to immediately find the information that interests you as much as possible. Among the frequently asked questions, the most common are questions about money transfers and withdrawals, questions about bonuses and free spins, and why is a casino called an adventure casino? We will give an answer to the questions here. The casino calls itself that because it does not have a VIP program, but it does have a special system of accumulating points. This system works the same as VIPs – the more you play, the more you earn points and the better you get prizes and bonuses. Your points are displayed on your page in the line “progress indicator”. By registering at the casino, a little man appears on the site with a belt at the waist. For beginners, only registered players, at the waist there is only a rope. With each level, the belt gets better and better. These are such levels for yourself, and the better the level, the better the gifts. It can be both free spins and real money. Belts change as in eastern martial arts. From the beginning comes white, then yellow, red, blue, then purple and finally black.

To disable or vice versa enable the distribution and notification program, go to the settings section on your account, where you can enable or enable the function. This feature involves sending you letters of casino news. So whether you need it or not – decide for yourself.

As for payments, you can deal with them by clicking on the money icon in the main menu. There you can trace all the operations related to money. If you have a problem with crediting money to the casino account – check if you entered all the data correctly, then make sure that your country operates with banking systems that the site supports.

The site also hosts tournaments, the so-called drum races, where players participate and score more points in the game. At the end of the tournament, a special prize awaits the winner.

Site Navigation

The Сasumo casino site itself is simple and easy to use. Pleasant colors and a nice interface, not often this can be found on online casino sites. The first thought when switching to a casino is the Japanese theme, the site has such a cute design. And now more details. The site supports several languages, namely English, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and German. But the site is also easy to translate into the language you need. The first thing that catches your eye when going to the site is a welcome bonus when registering. To the left of the main interface is a quick menu where you can go to live chat with the click of a finger or mouse, information with frequently asked questions, email communication, the Play Okay program, responsible game and the games themselves.

The rest of the screen space is occupied by games. There you can immediately find a section of games suitable for you, depending on your wishes, be it blackjack or other board games. At the very bottom of the site you can find awards that the site decided to modestly leave in the very bottom corner, a list of banking systems that the site supports, and of course the license and rights. Usually no one goes to the bottom, but it would be worth it, because sometimes there is very important information that should not be missed.

Games on Casumo

Casumo Casino boasts a wide variety of games with 850 species. The most remarkable thing on this site is that each game comes with an accessible description of how to play it, which you rarely see on other sites. Here you can even find a detailed description with pictures about how to play correctly. So newcomers – do not be afraid, on this site they will teach you everything! Now I propose to consider how the site classifies games for you. From the beginning there are slots, and games that have entered the top. Next, all the slots go directly. Then the board games and jackpots section, as well as a live casino and finally a search bar for those who know what they are looking for. Further, players are given the opportunity to possibly choose the best of the best, namely among the top you can choose the most popular, then the newest, games that are only on the Cazumo website and finally jackpots and a live casino.


As mentioned above, on the site you can find over 850 great slots. Among them, you can even find such world-popular slots as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and Pharaoh’s Fortune, Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods and Arabian Nights and many others. All games come to the site from the best developers and pleasantly surprise you with their quality and good graphics.

Table games

Here, in a variety of games, you can just drown. Here you will find all kinds of Roulettes, and many types of BlackJack, and Poker, and Baccarat, and much more. Among the views of Roulette you can find English roulette, French, and European. Who has played roulette before, he knows that the rules are the same everywhere, only a few nuances change. As for BlackJack, here you can find more than 10 varieties of this game, also known in the world as a game of 21. The game of Baccarat is no less interesting and entertaining game, where the player relies more on his luck than on his dexterity and knowledge of the rules of the game. Here the dealer steers, and right there you can find more than one kind of this game. Further, it all depends on you which game to choose and which game it will be better to play.


Another section of the game in which you can get lost from the variety. The games in this section are aimed at winning more than the other slots. Among the most popular games you can find here such as Mega Fortune, Hell of the Gods, Gods of Mercury, Pyramids of Fortune, Book of Relics, Business Monkeys and others.

Live Casino

And finally a live casino. It has become incredibly popular lately, it can be increasingly found on all online portals. A live casino is the same casino, with live dealers and live players but online. You do not need to dress up beautifully in order to enter the prestigious world to see the games table and how many roulettes. You can play live casino on this site at any time of the day, as dealers on this site never sleep. You can even play with other players if the game allows you to. On the site, among the live casinos, you can play several types of roulette, Blackjack, several types of Baccarat and even (!) You can play Monopoly, which is also not found on all sites.


Casumo Casino is not so popular for its bonuses. The site is unlikely to find a wide variety of bonuses or promotions. But they still have a welcome bonus and what a generous one! When registering, you get a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to 300 euros and plus 20 free spins as a gift. And now let’s take a look at this very welcome bonus. The bonus is divided into 5 separate payments, from each day of which you receive bonuses and interest on the deposit. But it is worth noting that for each country the bonus is different. For example, for England and for most European countries, the bonus is as follows.

The user receives 200% of the first deposit but up to 50 euros and 200 free spins as a gift (which in turn are divided into 10 days, that is, 20 spins per day), on the second day of the bonus 50% up to 150 euros, the third day and third deposit is 50% and 200 euros maximum, the fourth 25% and 400 euros maximum, and the fifth day is still the same 25% and 400 euros maximum. But then again, such a breakdown of the bonus exclusively for some countries, in other cases, this bonus will look different. Therefore, before starting making a deposit, ask the support service what kind of bonus is valid in your country.

Responsible Gaming and Play Okay

Casino Casumo is very careful about its users of the site. The company warns players that gambling can be addictive, and the casino is trying to help its users.

To begin with, each of the players must have their own time and money. Responsible gambling is that game which is carried out by persons over 18 years old, in a sober state. The site offers users, if they notice a problem, to take a self-test. These are the so-called signs by which you can determine whether you have problems or not. The site also offers to pass a small test with questions, answering which you can understand if there is a problem and whether it is worth contacting a psychologist or other specialist. If you answered at least three questions with the answer “yes”, then you should still contact a specialist. The questions may be of the following nature: do you take gambling debts, do you play gambling to avoid stress, do gambling affect your personal life and do they take a lot of time and too much money and so on? On the site you can find about 20 such questions. Having found a problem, the site leaves a link after questions on which you can contact the support service for people with a gambling addiction.

If such an addiction is found, the casino offers to use a function such as Play Okay. This feature provides the player with the opportunity to limit themselves and their activities on the site. There are several types of restrictions, thanks to which you can protect yourself from gambling addiction. The first type of restriction is a time limit. You can indicate how many hours you want to spend on the site. For example, if you set a limit of 4 hours, then you have the opportunity to play in small sessions during the day or sit in the casino for 4 hours in a row. When your time spent on the site leaves, all games will be stopped and you will automatically exit your account. After you submit the application to such a restriction, you have the opportunity to change the request after 24 hours.

Then you have the opportunity to indicate what time of day and what days of the week you would like to spend time playing games. For example, setting the time for activity 8.00-10.00 you can not go to the site and play games at other times.

The player also has the opportunity to set a deposit limit, which gives restrictions on the ability to deposit money on the site.

In order to save your money, you can also make a budget limit, which will limit the amount that you can port for a certain time. The user can also specify a limit on “losses”. For example, if you specify this limit of 10 euros, then having lost 10 euros from your account, you will no longer be able to place bets. And also the player can set a limit on bets directly. All limits are saved until they are reset again.

When setting a limit, you indicate how much it will operate. It could be a week, or maybe a month. Until the limit is reset, it will not be possible to change or cancel it.

Also, the player should protect themselves in the same way on other sites. In general, this system is quite effective and functional, so do not be shy to use it.


To withdraw and withdraw money from the site is as easy and simple as registering on it. All you need to do is click to start the money icon on the main screen. Remember that the minimum withdrawal amount is 10 euros. Before you start withdrawing money, check if you have correctly entered everything, the card number, the amount to be withdrawn, whether it is adequate in comparison with your account, and so on. As a rule, when withdrawing money, the same system and the same card are used that was used to make a deposit. The player does not have the right to use someone else’s card, only his own. Withdrawal and withdrawal of money is absolutely free, and does not charge a commission. The time to withdraw money depends on which banking system you use. Processing the VISA system takes the most time. But you also need to look at which system which country supports it. You can withdraw money using such systems as VISA, Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter. As well as programs that are supported by these systems.

Final Review

What is Casumo casino all the same? Having done all the parameters and functions of the casino, we can draw some conclusions. The casino has a good mobile version of the site. Casino application that is suitable for both Android and iOS. The mobile application has good image quality, good games, and clear graphics. The casino application has very good reviews, so in principle it can be recommended.

The site’s payment system is quite convenient, working according to the exact same program as other casinos. The only thing that the feedback on the findings themselves is a little bad. Users object that the site does not pay money, but perhaps these users did not consider the fact that money is paid at different speeds to different countries and with different systems.

The casino does not have a VIP program, but there is another, more interesting program, which also includes bonuses and nice gifts, and which is also divided into levels. Only in this case there will be not levels, but belts of different colors. A non-standard solution to the problem of the lack of a VIP program.

The casino generously gives new users a welcome bonus that can be used throughout the week.

The site itself is simple and easy to use, and as for its design, you definitely will not confuse this site with anything else.

Casumo is notable for its Play Okay system, which helps players limit their time on the site, thereby avoiding gambling addiction. As for games, more than 800 games will definitely not make anyone bored, especially since there is an opportunity to classify them as convenient, which makes it easier to find the one. So if you are interested in a non-standard online casino, with a good history of awards and with a lot of good games, welcome to the Casumo casino site.

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